de Stijl - An art movement advocating pure abstraction and simplicity-- form reduced to the rectangle and other geometric shapes, and color to the primary colors, along with black and white.

Piet Mondrian (Netherlandish, 1872-1944) was the group's leading figure. He published a manifesto titled Neo-Plasticism in 1920.

Another member, painter Theo van Doesberg (Netherlandish, 1883-1931) had started a journal named De Stijl in 1917, which continued publication until 1928, spreading the theories of the group, which also included the painter George Vantongerloo (Belgian,1886-1965), along with the architects J.J.P. Oud (1890-1963) and Gerrit Rietveld (Netherlandish, 1888-1965). Their work exerted tremendous influence on the Bauhaus and the International Style.