Data Privacy

Form Data

Data you send us through a form on this website (e.g. contact form or "question on this product") will be stored to fullfill your request and in case that further questions will appear. We never give away this data to other.


We do not set any cookie.

Locale Storage

We store data at the locale storage of your browser. These datas contain no personal information and is only accesable by our website and persons, who have access to your browser on your device. The datas are only used to make the site more comfortable to use (e.g. Wishlist, Navigationlist).

Access Data / Server Logfiles

We (respectively our CDN-Provider collect Data of every access to our Website, the so called server logfiles. Their content: Name of the accessed webpage, file, date and time of the access, sent data amount, success message of the access, browser type and version, operating system, referrer URL, IP address and requesting provider. We use this protocol data to secure and optimize our website. We reserve the right to check these protocol data afterwards, if we concrete indications of illegal usage.

Usage Statistics

We are using the service to understand the usage of our website. This service is GDPR-conform and is operating on servers in the EU.