The name, Art Deco, originates from the title of an exhibition in Paris of 1925, this was the: ?Exposition des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes? .

The charm of the furniture from the Art Nouveau period was substituted through clear symetric and linear designs.

A beginning was set for this style through the use of exotic and valuable woods with decorative ivory designs by Jaques Ruhlmann.

At an early stage in the Art Deco period, industrial serial production began, pioniers in this field were the Konstruktivist Pierre Chareau and the artists of the Bauhaus from 1919 - 1928, who introduced the use of common types of wood, leather and straw, but also aluminium, steel und plastics.

Art Deco and Vienna:

After 1915 Dagobert Peche worked for the Wiener Werkstatte, where he worked as director of the branch office in Zurich. His love for the fragmentary lets him to the create beings without body, heads spined around by leaves or concealed by veils, broaderies and sketches form entire patterns.

His bizar phantasy renders soul to all the objects a woman of his time would need for the daily use of just for luxury.

In the depressing time of the First World War Peche influnenced with his extravagant and cheerful creations the emphasis on the surface of the Wiener Werkstatte and can in that way be regarded as precursor of the today not exactly defined style of Art Deco.

Foto: Karolinsky-Archive