Otto Wagner Armchair 1901

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Art Nouveau, Secession Style
1901 / original
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As pioneer and master of the Modern, Otto Wagner seized the then rather new technique of bending Wood for his furniture designs.

The design of this armchair dated back in 1901. This particular Chair was manufactured at Mundus around 1906. Especially the design of the armrests shows the adventure of the new technique.

Lit.: Giovanni Renzi, „Il mobile moderno“, Silvana Editoriale Spa, Milano, 2008. S.48-49
Eva B. Ottillinger (Hg.), „Wagner, Hoffmann, Loos und das Möbeldesign der Wiener Moderne“, Ausstellungskatalog Hofmobiliendepot Wien, Böhlau Verlag, Wien, 2018, S.34 ff. J. Uhlíř: Vom Wiener Stuhl zum Architektenmöbel, Jacob [&] Josef Kohn, Thonet und Mundus, Bugholzmöbel vom Secessionismus bis zur Zwischenkriegsmoderne. Böhlau, Wien, 2009


Bent solid beechwood, black stained and slotted, the Slots then were filled with zink-white to give a more straight form. A technique often used by Josef Hoffmann on his bentwood furniture design.

Technical Data

61 cm (24.02 inch)
57 cm (22.44 inch)
80 cm (31.50 inch)
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