Design: Adolf Loos


Product No.: 20002
Wall Lamp
1908 / edition
€ 1,125*
* non EU: Export price, excl. VAT, shipment costs on request, price in USD only approximate value
€ 1,350 **
** EU: Prices incl. VAT, shipment incl.

Adolf Loos has used such lamps in several houses such as Villa Steiner 1910, Wohnung Vogl Pilsen 1929, Wohnung Brummel pilsen 1929. The lamps from the American Bar in Vienna are different as they are mounted around a collumn. What one see today at the American bar does not represent the original design.


brass with the requested finish - the fabric can be delivered with a plucked - or with a leadband – border

Technical Data

20 cm (7.87 inch)
10 cm (3.94 inch)
32 cm (12.60 inch)
2 kg (4.41 lbs)
2x max. 100W Edison Screw Sockets E14 (E12 USA) for incandescent and self ballasted LED lamps
USA and CAN:
All electrical components according to the UL regulations.
With an additional charge the fixture will be labeled "UL Certified".


Energy Efficiency Category

Fabric Shades

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