Josef Hoffmann and Wiener Werkstaette Desk Lamp - candle-holder

Product No.: 22001
Table Lamp
Art Nouveau, Secession Style, Wiener Werkstaette
1904 / edition
€ 5,583.33 *
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€ 6,700 **
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Originally designed by Josef Hoffmann as a candle-holder for Baron Oppenheimer, Lit.: WWMB 5 Werk# M 313 und M 314, Noever, Oberhuber, MAK Wien und HS f Angewandte Kunst 1987, Josef Hoffmann, Ornament zwischen Hoffnung und Verbrechen, S 226, he later modified the design due to the electrification in Vienna, to a table lamp with two bulbs. A signed lamp was sold 2017 at an auction house in Vienna. The bulbs can be hidden with a curtain.

Technical Data

22 cm (8.66 inch)
20 cm (7.87 inch)
52 cm (20.47 inch)
2x max. 40W Edison Screw Sockets E14 (E12 USA) for incandescent and self-ballasted LED lamps
USA and CAN:
All electrical components according to the UL regulations.
With an additional charge the fixture will be labeled "UL Certified".


Fabric Shades


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