Fischwald Lighting Sculpture Christian Ludwig Attersee final item

Product No.: 70026
Table Lamp, Arts, Interior
1992 / original
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Lighting-Sculpture: Idea, Concept and design by Christian Ludwig Attersee for WOKA LAMPS Art Collection in 1992. Originally an edition of 47 items were planned. In fact just 9 LAMPS were manufactured. The last lamp is available with the signature of  9/47. The shade shows soft dents in the screen material.


Oval carton shade in handmade silk-screen process, signed, numbered, wooden base.

Technical Data

53 cm (20.87 inch)
46 cm (18.11 inch)
82 cm (32.28 inch)
4x max. 40W E27 (E26 USA) for incandescent and self-ballasted LED lamps
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