Fischwald Lighting Sculpture Christian Ludwig Attersee final item

Product No.: 70026
Table Lamp, Arts, Interior
1992 / original
€ 6,875*
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€ 8,250 **
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Lighting-Sculpture: Idea, Concept and design by Christian Ludwig Attersee for WOKA LAMPS Art Collection in 1992. Originally an edition of 47 items were planned. In fact just 9 LAMPS were manufactured. The last lamp is available with the signature of  9/47. The shade shows soft dents in the screen material.


Oval carton shade in handmade silk-screen process, signed, numbered, wooden base.

Technical Data

53 cm (20.87 inch)
46 cm (18.11 inch)
82 cm (32.28 inch)
4x max. 40W E27 (E26 USA) for incandescent and self ballasted LED lamps
USA and CAN:
Most electrical components according to the UL regulations.
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