Handcrafted Lighting Since 1900

Woka stands for timeless design in lighting. Known for the reproduction of classical icons of the Wiener Werkstaette and the beginning of The Modern, the company is collaborating with architects and designers to keep a fresh image. To enlarge the collection constantly, the new avant-garde of different designers world wide collaborates with Woka. Based on the knowledge of the masters and craftsmen the production is still completely handmade and thus carries on a history and a tradition in Vienna.

Beginning with the 14th exhibition of the Secession (1902), the extremely radical distinctiveness of the Viennese artists began to make itself noticeable, through which the passage into "the Modern" was initiated.


The cubist sculpture, created in 1902 by the famous Viennese architect Josef Hoffmann marked the break into independence of the Viennese artists. This is especially impressive when one considers that the term "cubism" only found its way into the history of art around 1907 as one of the processes of expression created by Pablo Picasso.

With the foundation of the Wiener Werkstaette in the year 1903, a new style enfolded:
the "Wiener- Werkstaette-Stil".

With its avant-garde, artistic, yet timeless designs the Wiener-Werkstaette-Stil influenced generations of architects and designers in the 20th century.

Bauhaus,  Art-Deco in Amerika von 1920 bis 1940 , Scandinavian design from 1940-1960, as well as Italian design between 1960 and 198013 are strongly influenced by the  Wiener Werkstaette.

The design and crafting of distinguished models of the historical Wiener Werkstaette are made by hand, with original tools by WOKA LAMPS VIENNA in Vienna.


Making the WOKA LAMPS is not a job, it is our passion.

Working with the best materials is pleasure and fun.

We love to manufacture one great object in ten hours, rather then doing ten objects in one hour.