Fledermaus Kabarett

More a hobby than a great business was the interiour of the Cabaret Fledermaus in Vienna.

With a prepayment from the Palais Stoclet projekt, the intention to reach the "Gesamtkunstwerk" was realized more than in other projects.

"Undisturbed by molastation of the client" Josef Hoffmann could reach his ideal.

Many artists around the Wiener Werkstaette took part: Berthold Löffler, Kolo Moser, C.O. Czeschka, Michael Powolny, Oskar Kokoschka , Emil Orlik, Egon Schiele, Julius Klinger oder Fritz Zeymer....

All rooms of the theater were included in the design, cloakroom, walls, the bar were covered with more than 7 thousand tiles in ceramics.