Bettina Zerza Sphere

2014 / Edition

€ 1.500 / USD 1.706  

Order No.: 21412


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Bettina Zerza

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A design by Bettina Zerza for the Cafe Vienna at the United Nations General Assembly Building, which was designed by the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer and the Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier and finished in 1952


The handmade passement is a braided electric-cable and if necessary supported by a steel-wire, the glass-colour has a flow from white at the upper side, to transparent at the bottom 



Length: custom made
Glass-Ø: 30 cm (11.81 inch)
Socket: 1 x Edison screw sockets E26/E27 for incandescent or LED
Power: max. 1 x 60W
  All components according to the UL regulations


  1. Brass varnished
  2. Brass matt +10%
  3. Brass nickel plated
  4. Brass nickel plated matt +10%
  5. Patina bright +10%
  6. Patina dark +10%
  7. Patina medium +10%
  8. Brass lacquered in any RAL color
  9. Chrome +10%
  10. Brass gold-coloured lacquer
  11. Brass gold galvanized +10%

Please notice, that the shown colors will always differ
from the items we manufacture, as the materials differ
and will therefore look different. Especially the patinated
items can never exactly meet the samples, but we try
to make it as similar-looking as possible  


Energy Efficiency Class

Bulbs with energy efficiency class A++ to E can be used for this lamp.