Josef Hoffmann &
Kohn Jacob & Josef Josef Hoffmann Kohn Fledermaus #728 Ensemble 1905

Jugendstil, Secession Style, Wiener Werkstaette Style

1905 / Original

€ 12.350 / USD 14.363  

Order No.: 50107

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Josef Hoffmann, Kohn Jacob & Josef

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An extraordinary modern design from 1905, the time when Josef Hoffmann was on the zenith of his creativity, consisting of: two armchairs and a settee; beech bentwood, brown-stained, with polished finish, decorated with straight and rhomb-shaped rails; the seat cushion and covers was renovated, signs of age and use, softly restored; old company label; armchairs: height 74 cm, width 55 cm, depth 48.5 cm, height of seat 46 cm; settee: height 74 cm, length 120.5 cm, depth 56 cm, height of seat 46 cm; Literature: Kohn factory catalogue, 1906, p. 27 with the production# 728.

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Asenbaum, Hummel gebogenes Holz 1979 Eigenverlag p79