Josef Hoffmann &
Kohn Jacob & Josef Josef Hoffmann Dressing Table Kohn No. 1134 from 1905


1905 / Original

€ 6.900 / USD 6.654  

Order No.: 80072


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Josef Hoffmann, Kohn Jacob & Josef

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An extraordinary modern furniture from the best period of his works. He made trendsetting industrialdesigns for the bentwood-industrie. This dressing-table is from the "Fledermaus" furniture-family and is associated to furniture used at the famous artists cabarett in 1907. These designs have in common the legs mounted on a horseshoe, and the use of balls as connecting element.


Lit.: Renzi G., Il mobile moderno, Silvana, 2008, p. 192
-Hummel-Asenbaum 1979, p 88


beech wood, bent, stained, a rectangular tiltable and facetted mirror above the rectangular desk with a drawer, designed by Josef Hoffmann, around 1906 for J. & J. Kohn company, 139.5 x 59 x 47 cm,