Josef Hoffmann &
Kohn Jacob & Josef Elephant Hoffmann Chair

1910 / Original

€ 8.200 / USD 9.049  

Order No.: 60047


all Interior of:

Josef Hoffmann, Kohn Jacob & Josef

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This chair was used by Fritz Nagl for the interior at the Wiener Ärzteklub (Vienna Doktors Club) in 1913, and therefore mistakenly attributed to Nagl. It is in fact a design by Josef Hoffmann for J&J Kohn, in about1910. Vera Behal, Moebel des Jugendstils S 141, Moderne Bauformen, 1913, Bd XII, S 165 - - Signature on the bottom of the seat.





Width: 48 cm (18.9 inch)
Height: 94 cm (37.01 inch)
Depth: 43 cm (16.93 inch)