Koloman (Kolo) Moser &
Wiener Werkstaette Big Koloman Moser Flower Stand 1904

Furniture of Metall - Jugendstil, Secession Style, Wiener Werkstaette Style

1904 / Edition

€ 8.200 / USD 7.993  

Order No.: 21901

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Designed and originally manufactured for the early Showrooms of the Wiener Werkstaette in Vienna VII, Neustiftgasse 32-34 - Model# M 0182


Punched Iron-Sheet, optionally powder-coated in any Colour. Other sizes are possible.



Height: 160 cm (62.99 inch)
Ø: 55 cm (21.65 inch)


  1. Brass varnished
  2. Brass matt
  3. Brass nickel plated
  4. Brass nickel plated matt
  5. Patina bright
  6. Patina dark

Please notice, that the shown colors will always differ from the items we manufacture, as the materials differ and will therefore look different. A lamp consists of casted, pressed, drawn, hammered and chased, spinning and turned brass. The patinated items can never exactly meet the samples, and the divers parts of the lamp will not have the exact same color. Soldered parts will assimilate the Patina different to the surrounding. We try to make it as similar-looking as possible. Please consider that each item is handcrafted in age-old techniques.