Elsa Prochazka &
Woka Art Collection 1985-2000 Illuminated room divider

Floor Lamp, Furniture of Metall

1988 / Original

€ 12.250 / USD 13.577  

Order No.: 32002


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Elsa Prochazka, Woka Art Collection 1985-2000

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Movable Room- divider with many tiny lamps outside. This piece of art is a unique piece designed by Elsa Prohazka and manufactured by WOKA LAMPS VIENNA for the Exhibition "WIEN MOEBEL" IN 1989, at the Vienna Secession Building. Several artists designed furniture and several manufacturer executed unique pieces of arts. The designers were Luigi Blau, Gilbert Bretterbauer, Hermann Czech, Peter Kogler, Adolf Krischanitz, Michael Loudon, Miki Martinek, Dietmar Neururer, Boris Podrecca, Elsa Prochazka, Gerwald Rockenschaub, Johannes Spalt... The manufacturer were: Backhausen, Thonet, Wittmann, Woka Lamps Vienna,


hot-galvanized steel



Width: 185 cm (72.83 inch)
Height: 155 cm (61.02 inch)
Depth: 90 cm (35.43 inch)
Power: 28x12W, 1x50W


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