Design: Adolf Loos

Adolf Loos Haberfeld Table Variation

Product No.: 50106
Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Secession Style, Wiener Werkstaette
1902 / original
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designed by Adolf Loos in around 1902, turned hardwood and softwood frame on multiple legs, with walnut veneer and polished finish, brass edged top and brass sabots, height c. 74 cm, diameter c. 80 cm, in restored condition. Adolf Loos first used a very similar model in 1899 for the drawing room at the Haberfeld apartment at No. 53 Alserstraße in 1090 Vienna, and then again in 1901 for the Stoessl apartment at No. 235 Aufhofstraße in 1130 Vienna. The table model has been modified for customers. Cf. Lit.: E. B. Ottillinger, A. Loos, Salzburg/Vienna 1994, p. 48, fig. 40 - in contrast to the Haberfeld Table, this table has a panel, the same way it was done by Loos for the Salon Knize - see Gallery image

Technical Data

74 cm (29.13 inch)
80 cm (31.50 inch)
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