Ver Sacrum, major Austrian magazine of the Jugendstil period, mouthpiece of the Vienna Secession published from January 1898 to October 1903 (monthly until 1899, then bi-monthly), owing to its mix of articles on art theory and practical examples and contributions by both domestic and foreign authors, the publication gained great influence on art production around 1900.

The artistic layout lay in the hands of artists of the Vienna Secession and frequently presented original printed graphics (especially by Gustav Klimt, Kolo Moser, Josef Hoffmann and Alfred Roller), numerous numbers were in the form of monographs and thus familiarised a broad readership with the works of individual artists who were playing an important role in the development of modern art.

After 1900, Ver Sacrum was only published as an internal information journal for members of the Vienna Secession.

Cover of the first edition. Design by Alfred Roller, 1898

Foto: Karolinsky-Archive